Welcome to my Blog.

My name is Mrityunjay Kumar. I am principally a software development professional, entrepreneur, and cinephile, along with many different roles a typical human plays in their social life. I am based in Noida (Delhi NCR) India.

This blog is my running notebook to capture notes worthy enough for multiple iterations of reading. It also provides me a nostalgic feeling when I go through my notes in years.

My notes are public with the intention of reuse as a source of information or amusement by other netizens. These notes will use simple language for my understanding perspective, hence I believe it can benefit people at large.

My notes will touch areas like software development, technology, movie, book, travel, entrepreneurship, management, personal development, and others. It reflects the areas where I am pouring my energy. It is not a blog specialized in a specific niche, targeting a specific audience.

Published notes can be work in progress if the topic is large enough to engage me for multiple days. I will publish the topic frequently as soon as something new added which makes sense to me. Progressive improvements will be added to notes as the maturity in understanding of topic grows.

I will divide a topic into multiple posts (Parts) to keep the number of words on one page less than 2000. We can also use page breaks but I don’t want to overwhelm the post editor window by loading huge contents.

Hope you get something (info or amusement) by your visit.

Take Care

Mrityunjay Kumar

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