Apache Spark Tutorials

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Apache Spark logoApache Spark is a very popular general purpose big data computational engine. It supports various data sources and runs in Hadoop, Mesos or Standalone mode. We can write an application using Java, Scala, Python and R APIs. It is generally 10 to 100 time faster than Hadoop computational engine. We can run it on any infrastructure of our choice very easily.

It also provides advanced components like SQL queries, Streaming, Machine Learning, Graph and others. This tutorial series is useful for developers, analyst, architect, dev ops etc.

Apache Spark Tutorials


(1) Apache Spark Basic FAQ: A detailed introduction of Apache Spark in the form of basic FAQs.

(2) Getting started Apache Spark with Java: Learn to get started with Apache Spark Java application in this step to step tutorial. We also learn the concept of Apache Spark local execution and RDD.

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