Journal on paper vs digital tools

You ever confused between keeping digital tools and classic paper based journal. In this article, I am going to explain to you my process of Journaling.

In this article, we talk about the effectiveness of the Journal on paper versus digital tools.

In the past, when I wanted to improve the state of my emotions, I always found myself writing in a diary. My deep thoughts and feelings. It always helped my emotions to settle down.

When we are young and experiencing the world, you always lost track of where you are heading. Your temptation and instant gratification mean everything to you. You are lucky if you get a guide, who corrects your path. However, you understand the meaning of life slowly and steadily without any guide on your own.

I found journaling so effective in handling my emotions, I intermittently doing it without any guidance or suggestion. It came quite naturally to me. It helps me in improving my thought process.

I never made a routine to do journaling on a regular basis, but I feel I should have done it in the past, I may be a better person than today.

Well, we started this article with the title Journal on paper vs digital tools and I carried away talking about Journal in general.

We have computers, tablets, and phones with a capable user interface with fancy note-taking apps. It’s quite a natural start journaling in these devices because we already spend so much time on it.

Handwriting provides many benefits over typing:

When we handwrite we slow down and go in deep thinking mode.

When we handwrite we are mindful and unconsciously we getting benefits from it.

When we write we are in a position to recall better than when we type.

Handwriting activates certain areas of the brain which helps in keep it sharp, while we age.

Going digital has its own benefits in terms of portability, backup, greater speed and etc.

We also note so many things which are not necessarily our deep feelings or journal. For e.g. our project notes, codes, design, brainstorm, web clips and etc. These are best suited for digital note-taking apps.

Hence my strategy is to handwrite down my deep feelings, events, my thinking, ideas, living things and others related to a paper notebook.

While I always create a new page on the digital app like Microsoft One Note for the time block and capturing running notes specific to project, code and etc.

I always scan my diary and place them in one Microsoft One Note notebook for easy access on any device. It also makes sure my writings are backed up.

Mrityunjay Kumar
Mrityunjay Kumar
Principal Architect

My interests include software architecture, cloud computing, data & Artificial Intelligence.

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