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So good they can’t ignore you
My notes from the book so good they can’t ignore you by Cal Newport.
1 Min03 Jan, 2022

I was looking forward to read this book written by Cal Newport for a while. This is the second book of him read by me after Deep Work.

I am using kindle edition of this book.


  • Follow your passion is a flawed concept.
  • Satisfaction is not guaranteed even you walk on a path you dreamed to follow. A small bump on the path can jolt the foundation of the believe system and we may started doubting the passion.

Ch 1 - The Passion of Steve Jobs

  • If we look closely to early days of Steve Jobs life, we saw a confusing young guy who is passionate about spirituality. If he sticks to what he passionate of, he may ended as a good spiritual Guru. But nothing like it happened and we remember him as a pioneer of computing world. Steve Jobs didn't have any formal computer or electronic degree.
  • In many occasion Steve talks about following the dream and being passionate about what you do. But it is very contradictory to the facts we mentioned previously.
  • Steve Jobs started computer business (Apple) out of necessity to make quick buck. This initiative gave him bigger opportunities to make money (satisfaction!) and then there is no looking back.
  • Steve Jobs grew passion for computer field but his choice to pursue a career in this field was not because of passion for it.

Ch 2 - Passion is rare

  • As per self determination theory for motivation at workplace we need Autonomy, Competence and Relatedness.
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